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Tri-Tip Steak

Tri-Tip steak gets its name from its triangular shape and the fact that it is located at the tip of the sirloin. It is a relatively new cut of beef, having only been popularized in the 1950s by Santa Maria barbecue restaurants in California. Today, Tri-Tip steak is enjoyed all over the United States and is becoming increasingly popular in other countries as well.

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Skirt Steak

What Is a Skirt Steak? Skirt steak is a long, thin cut of beef that comes from the plate primal cut, located in the cow's diaphragm. There are two types of skirt steak: outside skirt and inside skirt. Outside skirt is the more tender of the two, and it is also the larger of the two cuts. Inside skirt is thinner and more fibrous, but it still has a good flavor. Skirt steak is a good source of protein and iron. It is also low in fat and calories. Here are some other names for skirt steak: Romanian tenderloin Romanian steak Philadelphia steak Arrachera What Does Steak Steak Taste Like? Skirt steak has a strong, beefy flavor with a hint of sweetness....

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T-Bone Steak

T-bone is cut from the front of the short loin of the cow, and is a popular special-occasion order at upscale restaurants, where it costs a fortune. Most steakhouses cook their beef over an open fire, and the T-bone is ideal for your backyard BBQ. Whether you use a charcoal, gas or wood smoker, the flavor will be incredible.

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