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What is the JoyOuce air fryer? Good air fryer recommendation

The JoyOuce air fryer can fry delicious food perfectly without putting oil. Normally, I fry some food which is very oily. Since using their air fryer, it is perfect. Not only does it save fuel, it doesn't require so much fat to make me obese. I am a food lover. Weight has always been my common problem. I also want to lose weight, but it is difficult to control my food intake. With this fryer, I don't feel so guilty, and it could have reduced my calorie intake.

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The air fryer with "beauty and wisdom" makes cooking easier

The air fryer has innovated a new form of fried food. It can make the food seem "fried" but better than "fried". There are many varieties of air fryer on the market, and the market is developing rapidly. The production volume has increased tenfold in a few years, and the demand has increased sixty times faster, which can be said to be in short supply. This also reflects that the air fryer has gradually been widely recognized in people's daily cooking utensils, and it will also become a kind of daily kitchen utensils in the future.

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Cooking turns out to be so simple, the air fryer recipe is here

Don’t you think that the air fryer can only be used for French fries and fried chicken wings? As a convenient kitchen appliance, it has many uses, and it can also make a lot of delicious food. Today the brand’s JoyOuce air fryer recommends some gourmet recipes to you, you deserve it! Garlic Grilled Steak Ingredients: 600g steak, a little black pepper, a little garlic slice, a little olive oil, and a little sea salt. Production: Add black peppercorns, garlic slices, brush with olive oil and marinate the raw beef for 15 minutes. Put it in the JoyOuce air fryer and bake for 8 minutes at 200 degrees. It can be filled with tin foil or cooking paper. Sprinkle some sea...

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