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Everything can be fried, if you like cooking, don’t miss this JoyOuce air fryer

Some time ago, I bought a white JoyOuce air fryer for a good-looking appearance. When I first got it, I didn’t know what magical part of this kitchen appliance was. I left it idle for a while, until one day the guests came to the house and prepared to eat together. My friend was very excited when seeing my air fryer, and she didn’t understand my behavior of leaving this kitchen appliance idle, because she bought one not long ago and has been studying and using it. Half of our food that day was made through this appliance. She taught me how to use it and successfully made me fall in love with this machine. I am very grateful to her, because this is simply one of the must-have appliances for mothers’kitchen.

There are four people in our family, me, my husband, and two of my children who are in kindergarten. Every morning I have to get up in advance to prepare breakfast for them. In order to provide children with sufficient nutrition, I usually make more than one kind of food. For example, I choose two or three kinds of sandwiches, toast, eggs, ham, bacon, potatoes, and then pair them with milk or oatmeal for breakfast. This will take a lot of time. Sometimes I get up a little later and I get very nervous in the kitchen, for fear that my husband and children will not be able to have breakfast in time to go out. After learning to use this JoyOuce air fryer, it solves this problem very well and frees my hands. Every morning, I only need to put the ingredients I want to make and adjust the time to be able to wait and even do other things, which relieves part of my burden every morning.

In addition to solving the problem of our family’s breakfast, it has also become an indispensable part of my dinner. I can use it to make delicious air fryer chicken wings, air fryer salmon, air fryer ribs and even air fryer snow crab legs and so on. My child also likes to eat French fries, because I think it is expensive and unhygienic to buy them outside. I usually buy semi-finished French fries in advance and put them in the refrigerator. When I want to eat them, I will fry them in the deep fryer. But this is very wasteful of oil. Basically, a pot of frying has to be poured out once. The good news is that the air fryer does not need to be oiled when it is used. Whether it is French fries or other foods, it will be healthier and save fuel. What surprised me even more is that, in addition to some of the ingredients that we usually see suitable for deep-frying, I found that putting fruit slices in it can even make dried fruit! Really everything can be fried.

After getting familiar with the use of air fryer, I gradually realized how wise it is to buy JoyOuce air fryer, it is the best air fryer. First of all, JoyOuce air fryer 5.8QT has a large capacity, which is very suitable for our family of four people. Its air fryer basket is detachable, the nonstick coated basket does not contain PFOA, the material is safe and it is very clean when rinsed with water. Its smart touch screen has 8 preset choices, which is very intelligent. During the cooking process, you can also interrupt to check the condition of the ingredients at any time, and change the temperature and time as needed. This is also very suitable for novices. I have to mention the exclusive services that I can enjoy after buying this brand. It provides us with free shipping and door-to-door delivery, provides a one-year warranty, and after-sales service is guaranteed. And I can read many recipes on their official website. Now I can easily prepare a table of delicious food by just following the steps mentioned above for cooking.

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