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Does Joyouce air fryer meet the health and safety requirements, also have related certificates?
Joyouce air fryer is fully in compliance with the health and safety requirements, also has passed various safety certificates, such as ETD and FDA food safety certification. Therefore, it is very safe and healthy to use .

What material is air fryer made of?
Joyouce air fryer has a heat-resistant,environmentally protective plastic shell with an aluminum coated sheet inner cavity. The fryer/basket is made of iron and coated with Teflon food grade non-stick coating. It has been approved by FDA. 

Does Joyouce air fryer have a basket? Is the design of with the basket more convenient?
Joyouce air fryer has basket, which has a cleverly separated design and it’s very easy to use and wash. Joyouce air fryer basket has more room, better for cooking, also its production cost is higher than the air fryer without basket.

How does air fryer cook food?
Air fryer gets rid of traditional deep-frying cooking method, adopting 360° hot air and high speed air circulation technology, and using hot air instead of oil to fry. Heating in multiple directions can take away the excess grease of oil-free food materials. Same fried taste, but different low fat health.

What is the difference between air fryer and oven?
a.The air fryer doesn’t need preheating, and cooks very fast: As we know, preheating function is essential for oven cooking. In contrast, air fryer saves time.
b.The air fryer uses less oil and healthy diet,which is biggest advantage of air fryer. It can almost achieve the taste of no frying. It’s healthy to remove some of oil from the ingredients during cooking.
c.The air fryer is small in volume:30L oven volume occupies a large area, and small volume and small footprint of the oven will have uneven heating situation. Air fryers don't take up too much space and are about as small as rice cookers.

What is the taste of the food made by the air fryer ?
It is nice, crisp outside and tender inside. The air fryer not only keeps crispness, but also reduces the fat intake. Excellent !

When receive the air fryer, how to use it, what should be paid attention to, how to operate it? 
If you never use the air fryer before, it is better for you to read instruction manual and understand the machine before using it, then you can use it correctly and won’t cause problems. The air fryer is an intelligent electric appliance, time and temperature self-adjusted. It contains smart recipes and is very easy to operate. If you have any questions, read the instruction manual or visit our website for help. 

What kind of food can air fryer make?
The air fryer can cook grilled chicken, steak, salmon, chips, pizza, bread etc. It can also cook nuts and vegetables.

When I press the touch screen, it doesn’t work,do you have the same issue?

No ,we provide you the following tips
1.Please click the screen slightly as click your mobile phone. Please don't press the screen nor hold the screen tightly. Because the screen is digital touchscreen,it is not mechanical buttons. Please click it slightly and fast, enjoy!
2. The position of the button of the screen: The upper row is the function indicator light. The bottom five functional buttons can be pressed, which are ①Switch button, ② Menu button, ③Time and temperature buttons, ④ Plus button,⑤Minus button
3. Too hard or long press will not work, just like pressing the screen of a mobile phone, light and short press