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Which oven or air fryer should I choose? Which is better?

As a veteran heavy user of kitchen appliances, as a mother of a family of three, I think I should still have a say.

I have to go to work every day. Everyone knows that going to work is quite tiring. Although there are weekends to relax my tired body, but this weekend I am always surrounded by large and small family chores. I cook three meals a day, I drag the floor, I wash the dishes, and I do the work of trimming flowers and plants. You ask why my husband doesn't help me? Please, he was so tired to fall asleep as soon as he came back, I couldn't bear to ask him to work. And my child, Jane, calls his mother to deal with all kinds of things. My God, I finally bought all kinds of kitchen appliances and household appliances one night. For example, ovens, air fryer, dishwashers, sweeping robots, etc. I really have enough.

I'm sorry to have said so much about family matters. I saw everyone asking which oven or air fryer should I choose? Which is better? I own these two kitchen appliances and have used them for some time.

I recommend buying an air fryer, so I am using JoyOuce's air fryer. Let me talk about the comparison between this air fryer and the oven.

  1. The efficiency of air fryer is relatively fast, and the operation is also convenient and simple.

You only need to pickle the ingredients and put them in. It is more suitable for people who like to get delicious food quickly. As for the oven, it needs to be preheated slowly and may be as fast as an air fryer.

  1. The air fryer does not take up too much space

I bought the oven first, it occupies one-third of the kitchen table on my side, and the air fryer is relatively small. The oven is large. If you are not a big friend in the kitchen at home, it is best to buy an air fryer.

  1. The biggest feature of the air fryer is that it consumes less fuel, reduces the intake of fat, and is healthier

The principle of the air fryer is to heat food with high-temperature air to achieve a frying effect using the fat of the food itself. You can brush a layer of oil on the surface of the food to achieve a better frying effect. In the oven, food has to be brushed with more oil, which increases the intake of fats and can also be prone to obesity.

The oven can bake all kinds of desserts, and the air fryer can also do it. What can be baked in an oven can also be done with an air fryer, mainly to meet your baking needs.

The biggest advantage of the air fryer is to ensure the crispy taste of the food and achieve low oil and low fat. It can cook a variety of ingredients at the same time, and only one air fryer is needed. For people who work out to lose weight or pursue a healthy diet with low calories, the air fryer is the best choice. Not only can you have a crispy taste, but also a healthy diet.

Having said that, you should know who to buy, right?

I am using JoyOuce's air fryer, and now my oven has been given to my sister to use it, and I think this air fryer is very useful and I want to recommend it to everyone. This JoyOuce air fryer is low-fat and low-calorie, so I really love it. It can meet the health needs of our family and harvest deliciousness. Air heat replaces frying. The crispy taste is all right to make French fries, fried chicken wings, and barbecue. Not only that, although it is called an air fryer, In fact, many methods such as frying, boiling, roasting, etc. are all possible!

If you also want to buy an air fryer, I recommend you https://joyouce.com/ to have a look here!



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