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The working principle of air fryer

With the rapid development of science and technology today, smart products are full of weird names, and their names are also very foreign, which makes people feel tall when they hear them. For example, air fryer is even more high-tech. However, what everyone wants to know most is what air fryer is. , How does it work?

Today I will give you a specific talk about the relevant knowledge of the air fryer. Through the understanding of these principles, I believe you will have a deeper understanding of the smokeless grill indoor.

First of all, the air fryer uses high-speed air circulation technology to allow you to make delicious French fries with up to 80% less fat than traditional electric fryer! The unique combination of fast circulating hot air and oven components allows you to quickly and conveniently Fry a variety of delicious food, snacks, seafood, etc. Since you only use air frying, it produces less odor and steam than traditional frying, and it is easy to clean in daily use, which is safe and economical!

Its working principle is divided into the following steps:

The first step is to quickly heat the air through the top baking device

The second step: rapid circulation of heat flow inside the food basket through a high-power fan

The third step: The special texture on the inner side of the food basket forms a vortex heat flow, which touches the surface of the food at 360 degrees, and quickly takes away the water vapor generated by heating. The three major effects work together to form a golden and crisp surface layer on the surface to achieve frying. Appearance and taste!

After seeing this, everyone should understand it, but when buying, you must also pay attention to choosing products with high safety.

In the next issue of the blog, we will focus on the safety of air fryer and how to operate and clean it safely during use. I’m James from Joyouce. We provides you with multiple models of air fryer options. If you want to know more, please visit https://joyouce.com/

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