< img height="1" width="1" style="display:none;" alt="" src="https://ct.pinterest.com/v3/?event=init&tid=2612796620445&pd[em]=&noscript=1" /> The high-value JoyOuce air fryer can get a variety of dishes in one po

The high-value JoyOuce air fryer can get a variety of dishes in one pot!

Some time ago, I have been paying attention to the air fryer on major shopping websites, because I have high requirements for the performance and shape of the air fryer, I have been hesitant to start. Seeing the JoyOuce air fryer reviews, I was immediately attracted. I found that this air fryer had high reviews, so I bought it without thinking about how long it took. After using it, I found that it did not disappoint me!
Let me talk about why I have always wanted to buy an air fryer. I am a housewife who likes to cook. My child is in kindergarten and my husband usually works. Recently, I have always seen people recommending kitchen appliances such as air fryer. I learned about it and found that it has so many benefits. This kind of oilless air fryer is different from ordinary deep fryer. We usually use a deep fryer when frying high-calorie foods. The hot oil in the fryer makes the food cooked. But after using an air fryer, the air in the fryer will replace the hot oil in the original fryer. The air circulates at a high speed to form a heat flow to heat the food and blow away the moisture on the food surface, so that the food can achieve a similar frying effect without hot oil.
I was shocked when I learned the principle of the air fryer! This not only consumes less fuel, but also does not change the taste of fried high-calorie foods. It is healthier and hygienic for children, and it is also more conducive to me absorbing less fat and maintaining my figure.
The JoyOuce I bought is an air fryer 5.8qt. This capacity is enough for our family of three. Its appearance is a classic European design, which is very good to my taste, and it is available in black and white. I finally chose black because my husband loves black. This JoyOuce air fryer also comes with additional air fryer accessories for oil-free cooking and 8 preset smart touch screens. I think the design of this smart touch screen is quite smart, and its touch panel responds very sensitively, which allows me to control the functions of this air fryer well. It can set the oil temperature and time, and it is equipped with some preset settings, for example, when you make air fryer chicken wings or air fryer salmon, air fryer fries, you only need to press the corresponding on the smart touch screen Icon on it. Of course, if you have more dishes you want to cook, you can find some air fryer recipes online and set the oil temperature and time manually. After using it for a period of time, I found that it is much easier to clean than a traditional kitchen appliance oven, which greatly reduces my burden of cleaning the kitchen after cooking.
It’s worth mentioning that I also used its indoor barbecue function last week. This was beyond my expectation. My kids and I made baked potato chips, baked corn flakes, baked sweet potatoes, grilled steaks and various meatballs. After the pan, we couldn’t wait to eat them. It was so delicious.
I have been using this JoyOuce air fryer for a while, and after sharing it with my friends, it turns out that many of them are also using air fryer. It can be said to be a very practical kitchen appliance. Oh, yes, if you want You can buy this air fryer at https://joyouce.com/.



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