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One minute to let you know more about best air fryer 2021

As we all know, deep-frying is a method of rapidly dehydrating food through hot oil. It will produce a tender and crispy taste on the outside, which is a food that is difficult for men, women and children to refuse. However, this greasy practice is not very healthy, so in recent years the concept of air fryer came into being and gradually became popular in ordinary households. The principle is to use high-temperature air to quickly circulate, instead of traditional hot oil, to ripen food and quickly dehydrate the surface to simulate the taste of frying. This method is actually between frying and grilling. Although it cannot achieve 100% of the effect of frying in a frying pan, its advantages are obvious:

  1. Although the air fryer is not completely free of oil, it only needs to be used in the food. Compared with the oil used in the fryer, the amount of oil used for the surface brushing is naturally fuel-efficient and healthy.
  2. High efficiency: The air fryer does not need to be preheated like an oven, and the working speed is also very fast. When it is too hungry, as long as there is meat, it is very convenient to cook.
  3. Simple operation: even a novice in the kitchen can make delicious fried food, don't be afraid that the traditional frying pan can not control the heat.
  4. Safety: Closed working mode, you don't need to be afraid of hot oil splashing and scalding, but you need to take protective measures when it is fried and taken out.
  5. Diverse functions: It is said that it is a fryer, in fact, in addition to frying, it can also be used for defrosting, heating rice, and even baking cakes.

 But nothing is perfect. Compared with traditional kitchen utensils, it also has some disadvantages:

1.Noise: Because it uses hot air circulation, there will naturally be some noise in the process of forming hot air.

  1. Small capacity: The capacity of the air fryer is smaller than that of the traditional oven, which is suitable for small families. If there are more people, it is recommended that you buy air fryer 5.8 qt.
  2. The price will be more expensive than similar traditional kitchen appliances.

 After reading the analysis of the air fryer above, you should have a deeper understanding of the air fryer.In general, it is more suitable for busy people and people who are not good at cooking and who like to eat fried food. Of course, if you have children at home, you can also prepare one in the kitchen. The frying is more in line with the taste of the children, and it is healthier and safer to cook at home. If you are also interested in purchasing an air fryer, you can also consider the specific model from these aspects:

  1. The working parts of the air fryer are mainly the top heating device, the internal high-power fan and the different patterns that generate heat flow. Pay attention to the special features of each technology.
  2. Whether it is convenient to use: for example, whether the inner tank can be removed for cleaning, what kind of coating is used, or whether it is functionally intelligent enough to make snacks such as cakes and bread.

 JoyOuce air fryer is an air fryer brand that has been launched in the market for many years. It has undergone many iterations both in material and design and has become the air fryer best seller brand in some markets around the world.



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