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Matching use of tin foil and air fryer

The air fryer is a common kitchen product for many people. The air fryer is not only easy to use and easy to operate, but also can be made very quickly. It uses less cooking oil or does not require cooking oil. Compared to the average pot, it is considered healthier. Can I use tin foil when using an air fryer? 

Today we will talk about this issue . The air fryer toaster oven can be used with tin foil. This prevents moisture loss and scorching, and is easy to clean. The air fryer can fry a lot of food, but some foods can't be directly put in the fryer for cooking, so some bakeware must be put in it. But when cooking ingredients wrapped in tin foil, the cooking time takes longer.

The role of tin foil when used for barbecue

  1. Preventing food from sticking to the bakeware.
  2. Preventing food from sticking to dirt.
  3. Facilitating brushing the baking tray.
  4. Some foods have seasonings when they are baked, and the fillings are wrapped in tin foil for fear of falling apart.
  5. Preventing moisture loss and keep fresh and tender.

The air fryer cooks the ingredients in a confined space, like an oven that generates a hot cyclone, to cook the food 360 degrees. After the ingredients are wrapped in tin foil, the taste will not deteriorate, but it can lock the ingredients themselves. Moisture prevents food from scorching. The melting point of tin foil is very high. Although the air fryer will generate heat flow, it is not enough to ignite the tin foil. In fact, the tin foil in the air fryer can also prevent food and sauce from sticking to the wall and bottom of the food basket, and clean the fryer. It's also a lot more convenient.

The above is about the application of tin foil in the air fryer. The air fryer has many other accessories, such as cake molds, anti-scalding gloves, etc. We will introduce to you one by one later. I am James. If you want to know more Knowledge about air fryer, you are welcome to log in https://joyouce.com/.


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