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Look! A variety of cooking artifacts, JoyOuce air fryer!

Because the temperature of my old oven is a bit inaccurate, I always turn over when making food, and I have always wanted to change to a new oven. During this time, many people around me started to give me Amway air fryer. I heard that it is much more convenient than the oven. The food made is not easy to fail, so I have been studying these kitchen appliances.
I finally decided to start with this JoyOuce air fryer. After reading a lot of related reviews on the Internet, I decided to place an order for this best air fryer on the Internet.
The moment I received the goods, I was very pleasantly surprised, because I bought the white color, and it is a brushed matte finish design, which looks more prominent and makes me feel very happy when I use it. This is a JoyOuce air fryer with a large capacity of 5.8qt, which is very suitable for our family. Its body is equipped with 8 preset smart touch screens, which have already set the temperature and time of some commonly used foods in advance to meet the baking needs of different foods, so that you can easily prepare certain foods with one click. Food such as air fryer chicken wings, air fryer salmon, air fryer fries and so on. Of course, you can also set the temperature and time according to your own taste, because during the working period of the air fryer, you can interrupt the viewing at will and easily change the time and temperature.
What makes me very satisfied is that because I have been using my old-fashioned oven to make some fried foods in the past, the process of cleaning the body after making late food has brought me a lot of trouble. Once the baking time is too long, it will be difficult to clean the oil from the oven tools. But the air fryer perfectly avoids this problem. It has a special design for the basket, so that the hot air circulates more thoroughly on the edge of the basket, and it is not easy to burn the food. Moreover, its sticky coating basket does not contain PFOA, and it is easy to clean with safe materials, which saves me a lot of time to clean up the kitchen. In addition, it also comes with additional air fryer accessories for oil-free cooking, and the tools are very comprehensive. It is no exaggeration to say that JoyOuce has done a very good job in functions, structures, electric, performances, details and material selections. It is a brand that is very serious about making air fryer.
Another thing I have to say is that the website where I purchased JoyOuce is its official website https://joyouce.com/, which has very complete functions. It has a recipe interface, where you can view most of the food you want to make, and it has already sorted it for you. There are categories of "family dinner", "easy comfort food", "our best recipes" and "healthy". You can choose the food you want to make here according to your needs, and its tutorial is very complete, the time, the required materials, and the steps are very detailed. I think this is very convenient, because this is a tutorial specifically for this JoyOuce, which will be more targeted than the tutorials you searched from other websites, and it saves a lot of search time.
In general, this air fryer made me very surprised and satisfied. Whether you are a novice or a culinary expert, you can buy it without thinking. You will not buy it wrong and will not be idle. Friends who want to start can enter its official website https://joyouce.com/ buy!


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