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JoyOuce air fryer, your food new companion

Whether you have been expensive because the restaurant is expensive, the food is not nutritious and want to have a meal at home? But is it because of the complexity of various kitchenware and electrical appliances? The rhythm of modern life is accelerating, and the material living standards are constantly increasing. People have more increasing the pursuit of life quality, and food is essential for human survival from ancient times. In today's human work tasks, the food is a modern human taste and psychological. However, food can be made, picking out ingredients, mastery and application of cooking methods, as well as factors such as cooking tools.

The cooking method can choose different ways by people, but for cooking tools, modern life home designers have designed a new type of cooking tool, that is, air fryer! Air fryer, as the name suggests, is a machine that can use air to "fried". Its working principle is "high-speed air circulation technology", which generates hot air through the heat pipe inside the high temperature heating machine, then uses the fan to blow the high temperature air into the pot, so that the hot air circulates in a closed space, and uses the food itself The oil frying food, thus making the food dehydrated, the surface became golden and crisp, and the effect of frying. In other words, it uses air instead of hot oil in the original frying pan, let the food become cooked; simultaneous hot air also blows the moisture of the food surface, so that the ingredients reaches the effect of the fried, the air fryer is actually a fan. Simple oven. Obviously, the air fry pot has innovated the new form of frying food, which makes food seem to "fried" but win more than "fried".

In numerous air frying pot brands, I recommend the JoyOuce brand in yourself. Its home design sets high quality, high quality, large capacity, and is quite high! JoyOuce air fryer products appearance show delicious atmospheric characteristics, easy to see it when you see it. It is designed by Italian designer, its design is to let every cooking become a feast of visual and taste. When talking about it, the first thing to mention is oilless cooking. Oil-oilless cooking can remove excess grease in food when cooking food, lock moisture, so that the food is tender, retaining delicious, while keeping health. In addition, in terms of performance, there is a maximum power of 1700 watts, using turbine hot air circulation technology, heating the food faster, more uniform, without worrying about food is uniform, and the taste is poor. JoyOuce brands are essential in front of safety, not only in accordance with national security testing standards, but also have multi-channel strict safety tests in the enterprise, and have power failure protection and power-on memory function. The fuselage is designed with an insulating thermal plastic shell, anti-iron injury handle and anti-skating feet, and an inner body uses a full metal material to make it more durable. In addition, the fried basket of the food is food grade material, and there is a huge advantage of non-stick pan coating. It can be disassembled and put in the dishwasher. Cleaning it, let you clean the same convenience, reduce the troubles. The JoyOuce function is diverse, easy to operate, so you can cook a master! One-button smart touch screen control, 8 preset recipes for you to choose, JoyOuce professional chefs are verified. Frying, fried, baking, roasting, sample rows, preheating, dehydration and heat preservation, no fall, temperature (80-200 ° C) and time (0-60 minutes) can adjust the settings at will, meet your own homemade food need. It is not only a kitchen, but also a good companion for your homemade food, exploring cooking fun. Now please click https ://joyouce.com/, choose your food new partner!


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