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How to choose an air fryer

As a new kitchen appliance, air fryer is not very familiar to many people. If you see many different styles of air fryer in shopping malls or online stores, how do you choose? Today we talk about the selection skills of air fryer.

Before buying any small household appliance, we should consider many factors. If we want to buy an air fryer, what other key factors should we consider?The purchase of an air fryer needs to be considered around these points:


Air fryer is different from oven. The positioning advantage of air fryer is "convenience", so the volume is reduced a lot. It is understood that as small as 2L to 10L are common specifications, and as far as I know, the smallest capacity of the oven is 9L .As for how to choose the different capacities of the air fryer, you have to look at the number of people you use, or whether you have an estimate of the number of cooking each time.

2L Singles can choose, it is more suitable for one person, if you just plan to eat a few mouthfuls with friends and objects occasionally to relieve hunger, 2L is also barely possible, which is more suitable for students and rental parties.

 3L-5L A small family of three to six people is more suitable. This size is also what most people choose. Usually a whole chicken of 2-3 kg can be roasted.

 5L-7L It is also suitable for a family of about seven people. If you plan to buy it back and use it more frequently, if everyone's appetite is larger, of course you have to "buy the big and not the small".

10L capacity the large capacity is rarely seen in the air fryer. There are about eight people. If there are frequent family gatherings and friends gatherings, you can consider it. There are not many products that can be selected for this capacity.

Function selection

As we all know, the air fryer is a new type of kitchen appliance that uses hot air circulation instead of frying and can be fried and roasted. Generally, there are two function options, one is wide-range temperature control, the other is timing, and some low-cost products. It does not yet have the function of temperature control, which is something you need to pay attention to when buying.

There are also a few products that provide the function of WIFI intelligent control. Different users have different attitudes towards this function. Some people think it is unnecessary, some people find it very convenient. It depends on your own needs. This feature is not needed, but what you have to understand is that the price of an air fryer with WIFI intelligent control function is definitely much higher than ordinary ones.

In addition, some fryers also have the function of "steaming". Generally, few people will care and know. If you have a need in this area, you want to have steaming and frying functions. It is not a bad thing to know about it.

Mode of operation

There are two operating modes for air fryer grill, one is mechanical button type, the other is computer menu type, to put it simply, one is manual and the other is automatic.

In terms of operation, the mechanical type is simpler and less difficult. If it is not only for your own use, but also for the elders and children at home, it is recommended to buy the machinery, and the price is also considerable.

However, the computer type has a relatively big advantage in precise temperature control. If the temperature is well controlled, the success rate of the finished product will naturally be much higher, and it usually has a built-in menu. If you don’t know how to control the time and temperature, just click the menu. Key on it.

Difficulty of cleaning

The difficulty of cleaning is related to the material and appearance design. Let’s start with the material. Generally, there are two kinds of shell materials, one is stainless steel and the other is plastic. In terms of the degree of cleanliness, the difference is similar, and their greater difference lies in resistance.

The material of the inner pot is similar to that of a rice cooker. One is Tao Jing and the other is enamel. At present, most of the pots on the market are Tao Jing inner pots, because the price is relatively affordable, but occasionally there will be a muddy bottom, which increases A little bit difficult to clean. The enamel material is much easier to clean, because even after a long period of heating, it is in a relatively stable state, so theoretically enamel should be better cleaned

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