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Essential for the kitchen!This JoyOuce air fryer is great for beginners in the kitchen!

I lived with a friend before, and saw that my friend bought a kitchen appliance called an air fryer. As a heavy fan of frying high-calorie food, I found it to be very convenient, but the first few times she used it, I felt that The smell of kitchen appliances is a bit big. I moved out to live with my boyfriend some time ago. My boyfriend has always wanted to buy an oven, Because he likes to cook all kinds of food by himself. I think the oven takes up too much space for our small apartment and it is very troublesome to use. It is not as compact and convenient as the air fryer, so we have been discussing which brand of air fryer to buy. Finally, I was strongly ambitious by my friend JoyOuce, the best air fryer, and I finally decided to start it.

I have used this air fryer for more than a month. Let me talk about its advantages.

This JoyOuce air fryer has a large capacity of 5.8 qt. With additional air fryer accessories for oil-free cooking, it is an oilless air fryer, which means that it can fry delicious food without oil. This is perfect for me. I just need to simply pickle the food and put it in and wait for it to eat. Not only does it save fuel and my time in the kitchen, it reduces the smell of oily smoke on my body, and it won’t be due to ingestion. Too much oil causes oneself to gain weight. It also has 8 preset smart touch screens. The interface is very simple and the functions are also very complete. You can change the time, temperature, etc. of the air fryer through this smart touch screen. It also has a very user-friendly air fryer replacement basket, which is helpful for users to place food. Its non-stick coating basket does not contain PFDA, which is more conducive to cleaning. And the appearance of this air fryer is very simple and elegant, with a classic European design. My boyfriend always told me that it looks very advanced.

After owning this JoyOuce air fryer, I often use it to cook some delicacies, such as air fryer French fries, air fryer roasted sweet potatoes, air fryer steak, air fryer salmon, air fryer chicken wings, etc. It is simple and convenient, which improves the relatively monotonous diet I always thought. In the morning, work is always in a hurry, so I often use it as an air fryer toaster oven, which greatly solves my breakfast problem. I can also make some snacks to welcome friends who come to my house when I’m at home during the rest days, or for indoor grill. Many friends who already have children have also been given this JoyOuce air fryer. They said it is very suitable for children at home, because they always want to eat some fried high-quality food, but the ones bought outside are not clean by themselves. And health, and the price is much higher than doing it yourself.

In general, after using the JoyOuce air fryer for more than a month, I did not find it too difficult to use. The only regret is why I did not buy this air fryer earlier. This air fryer has improved my cooking skills a lot. Now my boyfriend and I can’t do without it every day. As long as you are hungry, put the ingredients in for a while and you can eat it. It’s super easy to use. Greatly improved my happiness in life! Friends who are interested in this air fryer can buy it at https://joyouce.com/




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