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During fat reduction, JoyOuce air fryer is very useful

I am a mother who has just given birth to a baby for half a month, and I already have two children. Because of a family history of obesity-related diseases, and the body has not recovered after giving birth, the doctor advised me to pay attention to my diet and try to focus on low-fat, low-sugar and low-oil. So during this period I have been looking for some recipes to reduce fat. The so-called low-carb diet on the Internet is simply too painful for lovers of high-calorie food like me. So I started to change my mind to find some relatively healthy but not too monotonous and tasteless cooking methods. Thankfully, I found a very versatile kitchen appliance, which is an air fryer.


After my understanding, the oilless air fryer has got rid of the traditional frying cooking method. It uses 360° hot air and high-speed air circulation technology to replace oil with hot air for frying, and takes away excess fat from oil-free ingredients through multi-directional heating. More popularly, it means that high-temperature hot air will be generated in the pot body when heated, which will form a crispy surface on the surface of the food, which locks the moisture inside the ingredients and achieves the fragrant and crisp taste of ordinary fried foods. I’m so happy to know this. In the past, because I liked high-calorie foods, I couldn’t get rid of the high oil and fat intake. This air fryer can solve my troubles to a great extent, which is healthy and convenient. So I started looking for all kinds of air fryer on the website, and finally chose this JoyOuce air fryer, which has a super high rating in the air fryer reviews.


I think this is the best air fryer for me. This is a 5.8qt JoyOuce air fryer. Compared to other air fryer on the market, it is slightly larger, so it is also very suitable for families with two children. Its air fryer replacement basket is detachable and PFOA-free, with safe materials and very convenient for my daily cleaning. When using it, its smart screen brings me great convenience. It can realize one-click air fryer salmon, air fryer chicken wings and other common cooking dishes, saving me a lot of research menus.

time. Because I’m in the fat-reduction period, more often I will make some low-calorie and full-bodied, similar to air fryer chicken breast roasted vegetables, air fryer dumplings, air fryer fruits, etc. During the cooking process, I can interrupt the viewing at will, and change the time and temperature as needed, which is very convenient. Of course, you can also see some recipes on their official website https://joyouce.com/ , and you can also cook through these tutorials. Moreover, its sound is very quiet during work, and it does not use oil for cooking, so there is no oily smoke. These will not disturb the rest of the children. It can be said that it is a very satisfying shopping. The JoyOuce air fryer not only solves my daily needs, but occasionally when my friends come to my house as guests, I can also use this air fryer to make some afternoon teas for smokeles grills indoor and chat while waiting. It is very suitable for use. In addition, I am quite satisfied with the after-sales service of this JoyOuce air fryer. It is delivered to my home with free shipping. When placing an order, the customer service answered many of my questions patiently and reminded me that I can subscribe to their official website in real time to follow some discount information. I finally bought it at a 10% discount. I think this is a very pleasant shopping experience.


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