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Chuck Steak

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When we think of steak, our brains tend to linger on more familiar cuts like ribeye, sirloin, porterhouse, or filet mignon.
These are fantastic meats because of their beautiful marbling and tenderness.
However, the downside of these beefs is that they tend to be expensive. The good news is that you can make cheap cuts of beef like ribeye steak taste just as juicy, tender, and delicious as more expensive cuts.
Today we are going to introduce one of our favorite budget beef is chuck steak.

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What Is Chuck Steak?
Chuck steak is the meat from the shoulder and neck of a cow, which is older due to the frequent movement of the muscles in this part of the cow. Chuck is often cut into triangular shapes with bones, about an inch (2.5 cm) thick, and is often called 7-Bone Steak because the bones are shaped like a 7.
Chuck is often used in stews or as a ground beef because it is ribbed and contains many large chunks of fat. One of the most tender cuts of Chuck comes from the shoulder and is called Flat Iron Steak (Top Blade Steak, Top Chuck Steak), which has a marbled texture and is tender, but not expensive.

✩What Does Chuck Steak Taste Like?
Chuck steak lacks the tenderness of a rib eye steak. Therefore, this steak needs to be marinated before cooking. The fat and cartilage that make this meat so tough and chewy also make it delicious.
Beef Internal Temperature Reference Chart
✩How to Cook Chuck Steak?
In general, it’s best for stewing, slow cooking, braising, or pot roasts. Chuck steaks require a little more prep than more expensive cuts,but the value makes them worth the effort.Preparing a delicious shoulder steak in the oven or slow cooker is the usual practice, but some steaks are also great for grilling, but it is important to note that the heat is important, if you grill it longer then the meat will get older and produce a bad experience that is not easy to chew, so try to keep it medium or medium rare for a tender result.

✩Where to Buy Chuck Steak?
Large supermarkets or butcher stores have chuck steaks everywhere, tell the butcher what you want as many chuck steaks can have different names as the price of the steak (per pound) depends a lot on the quality of the cut; you will pay the price you deserve for what you get and it is only natural that the better the steak the higher the price.
chuck steak
✩How to storing Chuck Steak?
1. Freezer preservation method

The most common preservation method is to put the bought beef into the refrigerator freezer for preservation, we just need to put a layer of plastic wrap on the surface of the beef, and then into the plate, directly into the freezer beef can be, generally this method can keep the freshness of beef, about two days, but try to recommend that all eaten within a short period of time.

2. Salt preservation method

Buy back fresh beef, we can also lay the beef flat on the board, and then just need to eat our usual edible salt evenly coated on the surface of the beef, generally pickled for about three days, so the beef can stay fresh for about a week, but it should be noted that each pound of beef probably only need about 20 grams of salt, do not put too much salt, or the beef will be very salty to eat.

3. Freezing preservation method

Freezing fresh method is also a relatively common preservation method, first we have to buy back the beef with the original bag to throw away, and then according to the amount of beef we eat each time to cut the beef into small pieces. Next, you can use plastic wrap to cut the beef pieces wrapped up, we can also use plastic bags will be packed with beef, and the pockets tightened, and then the beef into the freezer for preservation can be, generally such a method, can be stored for about six months, but still recommended within three months as soon as possible to eat, if more than six months of time, the beef will lose moisture.

Enjoy a good and healthy kitchen life with JoyOuce.

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