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Can smokeless barbecue be done indoors?

Can smokeless barbecue be done indoors? Don’t you know that an air fryer can do it?


Do you still think that the air fryer can only be used for French fries and fried chicken wings?

In 2021, the times are advancing, and science and technology are advancing too. At first, I didn't feel anything about this air fryer. Until I went to my friend's house and had a barbecue made with an air fryer, I was shocked! This is so delicious! And you can eat barbecue at home, and drink a big glass of beer with your friends. This is really cool!

The air fryer is a small kitchen appliance that can not only fry, boil, stew, and bake, but it is also very convenient for daily use. Marinate the ingredients, put them in an air fryer, put more spices such as cumin and chili powder, it is exactly the same as the barbecue outside!

For example, the practice of barbecue. Wash the meat and cut it into appropriate pieces. Put the soy sauce, oyster sauce, black pepper, and white sugar in a meat bowl, mix well, and add some salt. Then pierce the meat with a few more holes to make it more delicious. Put it in the refrigerator and marinate overnight or other time. Just put the marinated meat into the air fryer, and put some cumin pepper and other spices on the plate when it's cooked, it's really delicious! Enjoy food anytime, anywhere!

On the recommendation of a friend, I also bought an air fryer which is exactly the same as him, so that I can have a barbecue in my spare time. It is delicious and smoke-free, and will not make the home or kitchen smoky. The family's ingredients are also sufficient. One person can also buy this JoyOuce air fryer.

The barbecue made by this JoyOuce air fryer is very delicious, not only that, but also other delicacies, such as pizza, chicken wings, french fries, steak and so on. As a high-tech product, the effect of using air instead of hot frying does not have to take in so many fats and calories, which is quite healthy.

I have bought this JoyOuce air fryer for 2 months and I am still very satisfied so far. It has the following advantages:

  1. All-round heating. It will intelligently check the food itself and turn it over so that the food is heated more evenly. It saves me the trouble of flipping the food myself.
  2. LED display screen. Intelligent temperature display allows you to better control the temperature of food!
  3. The design is very considerate. The handle is anti-scald.
  4. Easy to clean. The split design makes cleaning more convenient! You can wash it directly by taking out the frying basket, or you can let the dishwasher wash it for you. It's really good!

This air fryer is really good and worth recommending. As a man who doesn't know how to cook, I find it handy and easy to use. I plan to give one to my parents at Christmas. They also like to eat fried food. We often have fried and barbecued food for dinner together. But I think that middle-aged and elderly people are not suitable for taking in so much fat. It is better to have a low-calorie diet. High fat and high calories can easily make people obese and suffer from hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

If you want to cook your own barbecue, or want to choose a simple kitchen appliance, then I recommend the JoyOuce air fryer that I use now. This is their website https://joyouce.com/, now there are discounts available for purchase, hurry up and check it out!

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