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Can air fryer put tin foil

There is a lot of common-sense knowledge in our lives. Most people don’t know it. Just like recently, many small partners have asked about whether air fryer can put tin foil. This shows that people are starting to pay more attention to it. The question about whether the air fryer can put tin foil, so now that everyone wants to know, let JoyOuce share it with you.
The air fryer can put tin foil, and use tin foil in the process of baking food, which can prevent the loss of moisture and nutrition in the food, and can also avoid burning, baking, etc., so that the health and convenience of the food can be improved and cleaned up. It is also very convenient, but the baking time should be prolonged if the tin foil is used, otherwise the food will be difficult to cook.
Air fryer can put tin foil
The air fryer is a kind of 360°high-speed air circulation technology, with 9-blade high-power fan, fast heating food, it uses the high-speed movement of the air to cook the food, so it can put tin foil, if the air fryer uses tin foil, you can Prevent the loss of water and nutrients in the food, and also prevent the food from being burnt or burnt.
In the process of using tin foil, you can apply a layer of edible oil on the inner surface, and then wrap the food in the oil-coated tin foil and bake it in an air fryer, so that the safety, health, and convenience of the food will be improved. Make the food taste fragrant and crisp.
The air fryer is easy to clean with tin foil. Just take out the tin foil and wipe it with a rag. However, if you use tin foil, you need to prolong the baking time, otherwise the food will be difficult to cook, and it is not suitable to wrap it in tin foil. Thickness will affect the taste of food.

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