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Air Fryer Roasted Chicken

Mankind is about to enter the meta-universe era, and our kitchens are constantly being updated. Among them, the air fryer, because it carries the banner of less oil and health, has become the new favorite in every kitchen. We usually bake some potatoes, sweet potatoes, French fries at home in an air fryer. Today James introduces you a big dish made with air fryer-air fryer version roast chicken, let you make it yourself at home, and eat more at ease.


Chicken( about one kilogram, if the chicken you buy is too big, you can cut off some parts),30g of cooking wine, 30g of soy sauce, 45 grams of oil consumption, 40g of sugar, 15g of pepper, 30g of steamed fish soy sauce, onions, garlic slices, ginger, a spoonful of Orleans marinade.


  1. Prepare the sauce: mix the seasonings together to make a sauce, set aside for later use
  2. Rub the whole body of the three yellow chicken with a little salt. After marinating for a while, use kitchen paper to absorb the water on the chicken body, pierce the chicken body with a fork, and add the sauce to marinate. The best marinating time is about half a day, and it can be kept in the refrigerator overnight when it is hot.

  1. Drain the marinated chicken, remove the extra condiments such as green onion and ginger, and put it into an air fryer. Adjust the air fryer to 160°C and turn it over every 10 minutes. It takes about 40 minutes to turn it over. The time can be appropriately extended or shortened according to the size of the chicken.

In just three simple steps, an air fryer version of fried chicken can be made. Isn’t it simple? And there are no extra food additives, so both adults and children can eat with confidence.

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