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Air Fryer Breakfast Series Chapter 2

Sandwiches are a breakfast choice for many families. Today James teaches you a way to make sandwiches in an air fryer. Compared to cold cut sandwiches, I personally prefer sandwiches that are cooked through and crispy with every ingredient, especially bread and bacon. It's almost double happy to eat when it's crispy and cooked.


2 slices of toast bread / 2 slices of bacon / 2 eggs / small cake cup

Tool: JoyOuce 5.8QT Air Fryer - White


  1. If your bacon slices are stored in the freezer area, remember to take them out the night before and put them in the cold storage area. This will save you a lot in the morning. Put a piece of toast in the fryer, then cut two pieces of long bacon in half and spread them on the bread slices. Beat an egg into each of the two small cake cups and put them together. (I want to emphasize here that you should not directly beat the egg on the bread slices and bacon. I have tried this method before. While the eggs are very difficult to cook, the egg whites will not only run all over the place, but also make the bread soft and difficult. Make a crispy texture.)
  1. In this state, bake at 360℉ for about 8 minutes. After opening, you will find that the eggs are still half-cooked, but the bacon is already somewhat curled. Press the second slice of toast on the bacon slice and bake at 360℉ for 5 minutes.
  1. After opening it again, you will find that the bread slices on the top are a little bit burnt, and you can see that the bread slices underneath are not golden yet. After turning it over, separate the bread slices, use a spoon to scoop out the no-flowing eggs in the cake cup and place it in the middle. Finally, bake at 360℉ for 3 to 5 minutes.
  1. The sandwich is burnt and crispy on both sides, and the bacon and egg in the middle are just right and fully roasted. Take it out and cut it diagonally into a triangle, and you're done! If you are afraid of getting tired, you can put some raw cucumber slices or raw tomato slices, but I personally think that the crispy taste will not be greasy, and the whole process is very healthy without oil!

Some people may find this process too troublesome, but in fact, the fun of cooking food is not only to fill your stomach, but to get happiness in our meticulous production and spend your time to get a better taste than others. I feel the reward and satisfaction in the process of cooking. I am James from JoyOuce. We know each other because of the air fryer. I hope you like my recipes. For more recipes, please visit https://joyouce.com/


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