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A cooking artifact suitable for all occasions and people——JoyOuce's air fryer!

If you are a person who loves to eat deep-fried items and cares about your body, would you want to not gain too much weight when you eat French fries and fried chicken nuggets?

If you are a busy person who has requirements for food hygiene and health, would you want to have a convenient and fast cooking tool?

If you are a fried snack stall owner, would you want a large-capacity fryer that is easy to clean and easy to carry?

If you are a pregnant woman, would you want to have a cooking utensil that can make your favorite delicious food with less smoke and oil?

If you have the characteristics of the above-mentioned people, please stop your hurried eyes and take a look at our JoyOuce air fryer! It can help you solve all the above problems perfectly!

The technology used for deep-fried food is high-speed air circulation technology, that is, through the high-speed air flow, the food in the entire pot is evenly heated, and a little oil is evenly wrapped on the surface of the food, and the food is fully cooked, which can reduce hundreds of 80% of the fat intake. It not only retains the crispy taste of fried food, reduces the greasy feeling of food with too much oil, but also indirectly controls the intake of excess fat in the human body. Enjoy the food while maintaining a good figure. In the eyes of deep-fried food lovers, this is an artifact that should not be missed for making deep-fried food!

JoyOuce’s air fryer uses a non-stick coating technology on the bottom of the air fryer that comes in contact with food. You don’t have to worry about the burning problem of the food sticking to the pan when cooking food, and it avoids the harm to the body caused by the burnt part of the food. At the same time, it also avoids the cleaning problem of food sticking pan. Its working temperature can be adjusted according to the cooking time we input. The temperature can be as high as 200℃, and food can be cooked in a very short time. It is not only convenient for us to prepare breakfast or other emergency situations that require food, but also convenient for us to control Time to do other things.

When it is necessary to make large portions of food, such as multi-person gatherings and family dinners, its large capacity of 5.8QT can easily solve this problem! It is not only suitable for our daily life to prepare food for many people, but also suitable for cooking at snack stalls. Less smoke and less oil reduces the air pollution caused by oil fume in public places. It can make large portions of food and is also convenient to carry. It is the best choice for cooking out. It is also very convenient to clean. The non-stick pan base is detachable, which is convenient for washing and drying. At the same time, the base also supports dishwasher cleaning, which is convenient and fast.

This air fryer has less smoke and oil when cooking, and it has a lid to prevent splashing of oil droplets from damaging our skin and smoke particles from irritating our respiratory tract. This is very good for pregnant women, the elderly, and people with sensitive respiratory tracts. Protective effects. When it is convenient for you to make clean and hygienic delicacies at home, it also avoids the damage to the body caused by oil fume.

The most important thing is that you can reproduce your favorite food anytime, anywhere, as long as you have it, follow the air fryer recipe book, you can enjoy a variety of food, such as French fries, baked sweet potatoes , Grilled egg tarts, grilled spicy chicken, etc. It can also heat up semi-finished food quickly, which is more time-saving and convenient!

You heart it? This air fryer by JoyOuce is only $119.99! With it, you can easily make your favorite food, come and take it away!

For more details and user feedback, please go to our official websitet  https://joyouce.com to learn more!


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